Pandamonium 2012 Jul13


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Pandamonium 2012

Hosting an evening of performance and fashion, at the end of last month, WWF’sPandamonium 2012 challenged some of the world’s leading designers, artists and architects to create wearable sculptures that illustrate the vastness of the organisation’s work and challenges; the works being auctioned by Phillips de Pury & Company ’til 16th July. With the likes of Hussein Chalayan, Zaha Hadid, and textile-based sculptor Rowan Mersh onboard, the results were diverse, thought-provoking, and often thoroughly avant-garde; understandably, we were blown away.

Mersh’s sculptural origami dress staggering in detail, Julie Verhoeven’s scarecrow-esque outfit disturbing and alluring in equal measures, and an astounding Icarus-inspired dress/cloak from Susie MacMurray (in collaboration with Jo Scorah)… these pieces are not just designers stamping their seal of approval on hastily fashioned slogan t-shirts, WWF have encouraged leading talents to produce awe-inspiring works that bridge the gap between fashion and art; creating a truly special project in the process. Here’s hoping a Pandamonium 2013 is in the offing.

Source : WeHeart