choose a rugpadAlthough buying a rug pad is easy, it is not useful unless one knows exactly what to buy. Buyers want the best and it is the company’s job to give them that. There are many types of rug pads available. They go from thin, delicate ones for Oriental carpets to thicker ones for concrete basement floors. Making sure you have the knowledge of what kind to buy will make it easier to make the right decision.

Choosing a Rug Pad:

rugpad for your homeWhen choosing a rug pad, a consumer has to be aware of a few things that set one apart from the other. Materials used – Some manufacturing companies use a lot of chemicals to make sure their product lasts longer. This does make the hold of the rug pad last better but it releases dangerous fumes when used on heated flooring or exposed to rough weather. Some chemicals used to make the rug pad waterproof are often reactive when coming in contact with water. This is dangerous for children and adults alike. When buying a rug pad, look for the ones that are made from soybean or vegetable oil. These will not give out odours, nor will they have any dangerous chemicals that can harm the user. Buying a chemically treated and preserved rug pad does not end well for anyone involved. It breaks faster, it harms the floor and carpet and even the people who use it.

home rugpadThere are various natural materials that are used to make rug pads. They all have a different function. Vinyl is the most versatile of materials used since it can be used on hardwood floors and marble, tiled floors; and it is waterproof. It is also highly durable and ‘prettier’ than the other rug pads. Once placed beneath the rug, it will hold on and protect it without being detected. Felt is another fibre used to make rug pads. This is often woven in crisscross patterns and heat pressed to keep it from unravelling. There is no glue added in any of the procedure so it is a natural and safe to use item. It will not stick to floors when heated and will have a firm grip on the rug and carpet placed on it.

house rugpadA slightly thicker felt is placed under heavier mats, such as those in the kitchen or bathroom. It is thick, has a good grip and is waterproof. To use this pad under woven rugs will not only keep the rug from slipping, it will also soak up spilled water that has run to its sides and keeps the floor from getting too wet. Buying a good rug pad will keep the floors safe and the rug itself last longer. When used, the pad must be two inches shorter on all sides. This is not only to keep it from view, but to give it a good grip and stop the heel or toe of a shoe getting caught in it. Rug pads are not tripping hazards. Rug pads make the home safer and the rugs last longer.