The Underappreciated Role of Home Decor In Our Daily Lives

home decorationMany of us will overlook the importance of home decor and what role it has in our everyday life. We will tend to follow a misguided train of thought that a home should simply provide utility and underestimate the impact that proper decoration can have on our life. A home that is decorated in accordance with the owners’ wishes will make it a considerably more pleasant environment to spend time in. Our homes should make us want to spend as much of our time as possible instead of making us feel uneasy and eager to leave for other, more pleasant places. Indeed, our home should be designed in a way that makes it our very first choice as opposed to somewhere where we are forced to dwell when we are lacking better options.

Home decor can go a long way when looking to make one’s home as hospitable and inviting as any other environment that the person enjoys being a part of. This is done through a combination of introducing motifs and colors that a person enjoys seeing on a daily basis as well as adding furniture and objects that will improve the quality of life in a home. While home decor should be performed on as many rooms as possible inside a home in order to improve as much of it as possible and always allow one to enjoy the inside of their house and apartment, the interior of some rooms is more important than others depending on the amount of time we spend in each. In particular, a baby’s room will tend to be the first room in the mind of anyone with a newborn on their hands as they look to outfit it with everything that the toddler will need.

home decoration
Just as we ourselves need our homes to provide a constantly pleasant environment for us, babies need their room to not only look nice but also offer an abundance of features that will both entertain the baby as well as allowing the parents to care for it properly. If you are a parent, you should always be aware of the fact that the baby’s room decor will have a direct impact on your ability to care for your child and the level of care that it receives.

Not only this, but the appearance of the baby’s room will also dictate the child’s overall mood and how peaceful it feels on a day-to-day basis. Your baby will be spending most of its time inside the baby’s room once it moves out of your bedroom, and much of this time will be spent alone and without your comforting. Because of this, the room shouldn’t be intimidating in any way and should also be able to entertain the baby on its own through non-intrusive distractions. While awake, your baby should have plenty of pleasant things to look at that won’t disturb or prevent its sleep in any way. In this sense, the design of your baby’s room will affect you even when you are not in it as an unhappy toddler generally means that the parent is also unhappy. When you do spend time in the baby’s room, you will be able to delight in the effort you placed into designing the inside of your child’s living quarters and how well it reacts to it.

living roomAs you can see, the interior of our home has a great impact on our daily life even when we might not be aware of it. When we are away from home, our home decor can make the difference between us wanting to come home or not, and when we are finally home, it helps us relax and feel safe and secure while also improving our mood if done right.

How Animals Affect Your Home’s Decor

home petsPets make for great companions and can really help brighten you up if you are having a bad day. However, in their playfulness and seemingly endless desire to explore, pets can also often cause quite a mess and even financial setbacks. From relieving themselves all over furniture to breaking potentially expensive objects around the home, few pet owners have never felt that pets are more trouble than they’re worth.

If you are going to redecorate your home soon and you own pets, it’s important to consider what impact they will have on your home decor once it’s finished. The amount of issues and financial burdens that pets can cause generally depends on their type as well as their personality. While some pets tend to be on the milder side and will integrate into the home environment without posing any threat to their surroundings, others are much more lively and will look to make everything inside a home their play thing. Should you find yourself with pets that fall into the second category rather than the first, you will need to try and protect your interior from the influence of your beloved critters. Cats sharpening their claws on furniture are among the most common types of damage that pets can do to a home, and certainly one of the most feared. Many cats can’t seem to understand that the surfaces of your furniture aren’t there for them to scratch and will continue doing so despite your best efforts to teach them otherwise.

cats on furnituresCats scratching a piece of furniture long enough can end up utterly destroying it, and even a single scratch can make the appearance of the piece and the entire room less appealing. It’s not easy to combat this issue if you have a scratch-happy feline, but there are some home decor tips that you can try in order to protect your home. For example, you could look for furniture that doesn’t attract your cats so much because the material doesn’t provide a very good scratching surface, like softer or fluffier armchairs and couches with a lot of loose fabric.

Unfortunately, this will often force you to choose between protecting your furniture and having the most stylistic interior possible. This, however, is a choice you will likely need to make if you are making a home decor endeavor and want to keep your cats around.

home petsPets relieving themselves around your home, especially on your furniture, is another one of these unpleasant issues and can present quite a few setbacks. While dogs can sometimes do this when they aren’t let outside in time, cats are much more likely to urinate on furniture and places around one’s home as part of an effort to mark their territory. Pet urine can easily ruin an expensive piece of furniture on top of emitting a foul smell – the beauty of your home decor won’t matter if a stench is present throughout. Those that are decorating a baby’s room also need to exercise special care. Babies’ rooms need to be held up to a hygienic standard much higher than most other rooms and are therefore rarely suitable for pets. No matter the type of pet you have, you might want to consider keeping it out of the baby’s room at all times in order to both protect the baby as well as keep the room clean. You can do this through a combination of a sturdy lock and perhaps designing the room in a way that makes it unappealing to your pets while at the same time keeping it nice enough for the baby. While pets are definitely sources of joy for most their owners, anyone who cares about the integrity of his or her home decor should take steps in order to preserve it in the presence of curious animals.

Should You Reinvent The Entire Home When Making A Baby’s Room

baby's room decorThe addition of a baby’s room inside one’s home often marks a big change in the entire environment. Babies’ rooms are distinct and will tend to differ from the rest of the home considerably, especially in that they will often be more carefully designed than other rooms. This makes many home owners consider whether or not they should opt for a redesign of the entire home once a baby is on its way as opposed to just redecorating a single room. This is mostly because of the fact that many homes might feel dull and uneventful once a vibrant baby’s room is present. While reinventing your entire home along with the baby’s room certainly has its benefits, it might not be the ideal choice for some and there are quite a few considerations you need to make before deciding. First and foremost, think about your entire home and the state of each individual room. It might not be that bad even when compared with the freshness of the baby’s room and therefore might not be in such a dire need of decor.

baby's room decorationOn the other hand, if much of your home isn’t in the best state and could stand to be revamped, you might want to think about using the baby’s arrival as an opportunity to redecorate your entire living premises. Indeed, a baby’s room being added to a home often marks a chain of redesigning around the home as the parents quickly realize that most of their home decor wasn’t what they would like. Another thing to think about is the effort you will need to place into redecorating the entire home as opposed to just a single room. The arrival of the baby often means that both parents will need to do many new chores that they likely aren’t even aware of yet, and a complete redesign of the inside of your home might be too much to handle on top of your newfound responsibilities. One way to work around this issue would be to hire additional help in the form of a home decor professional and even handymen that would help make changes to your home. However, not everyone can handle the expense associated with hiring several individuals for help with their home decor.

This brings us to another important factor when choosing whether or not you should follow up the creation of a baby’s room with a redecoration of the entire place. Decorating the entire home might prove to be a very large expense that you might not be capable of handling even against your best wishes. The baby’s room will already very likely be a big expense on its own, as you will need to purchase several pieces of furniture specifically designed to help your baby develop.

decor for baby's roomOn top of this, the addition of a baby to your family will be an expense of its own for a good while as you will have another mouth to feed and dress, not to mention the price of many baby care accessories that are very important in the early stages of one’s life. With all this in mind, redesigning your home in the wake of a baby’s arrival to your life might be ill-advised as it’s quite possible you won’t be ready to handle the many additional costs. Because of this, you might want to wait until the baby has grown into a young person so that you have a better handle on what your new budget will need to be. Waiting in this instance is also a good idea because the baby’s room will eventually need another redecoration once the baby has grown, which could be an even more ideal time to change your home’s appearance as you will be able to do so with the input from your offspring.

Why Home Decor Will Improve Your Own Image

home decorationThe appearance of our home from the outside as well as the inside directly correlates to how people perceive us and what they think of us. Well-kept and maintained homes are associated with successful people who care a lot about having a proper living environment. Conversely, homes that are untidy and unclean will quickly ruin one’s image as they make the person seem irresponsible and with their priorities unchecked.

Cleanliness isn’t the only part of your home’s interior that needs to be held to a certain standard, however. The overall design of the home will do much to make you seem like you are in control of your own life, as home decor done right implies that the home owner knows exactly what he or she wants and applies it to their place of residence. Many of us will panic once we realize that our homes tell a story about us, as they likely aren’t exactly what we would want them to be. However, even simple steps in the right direction can greatly improve the vibe of the place and make it more in line with our desires. Aside from cleaning the place up and removing any unnecessary junk as well as hiding objects that we are emotionally attached to but stand out too much, we should also make efforts to perform additions and changes to fully synchronize our home with our thoughts and feelings.

decoration in our homeTo visitors, our homes will serve as a reflection of our ideal living quarters. They won’t realize that you haven’t, perhaps, gotten around to redecorating your home yet, and will simply assume that this is the best you can do and that it’s how you enjoy living your everyday life. Therefore, the decision to decorate our home should be made sooner rather than later in order to impress as many of our guests as possible and give them the right idea.

Some rooms inside our homes are even more critical than others. Whereas certain rooms not done right will merely convey a lack of effort on the home owner’s part, others might bear more severe implications and might really present the person in a negative light. Think of how you would feel upon visiting a friend or acquaintance and witnessing an unclean bathroom, perhaps featuring foul smell as well.

Similarly, parents find themselves under constant scrutiny by their peers in regards to how well-designed their baby’s room is. As soon as friends or family visit a parent, they will quickly make their way to the baby’s room in order to see the toddler. However, what many parents don’t realize their guests will be doing is also assessing the baby’s environment and its reaction to it. These guests will quickly judge parents based on their ability to provide their child with everything it needs. No matter how much you love your child or how well you feel you have provided for it, if the baby’s room decor isn’t on a sufficient level and the room doesn’t have enough features, it can easily look as if you don’t care about your child enough, especially if the rest of the home is tidier.

baby's room decorationA great way for parents to improve their image if most or all of the rooms in their home aren’t much to look at is by creating a beautiful baby’s room. This will signal to everyone that you have put the baby’s needs ahead of your own and went out of your way to make every second of its life as pleasing as possible. If you are not a parent, you will likely have to focus on your home as a whole in order to better your image and have people enjoy staying over more. Home decor is a tool that can, when used right, do a lot to help us seem like the people we want to be to anyone that may be visiting, regardless of their relationship with us.

The Importance of Colors When Decorating Your Home

decorate your homeColors can make or break a person’s home and one always needs to be careful when choosing the color for the entire living surrounding. Oftentimes, a color can appear pleasant and stimulating to us but will prove to be a nuisance once it is plastered all over our walls. Therefore, you should try to spend some time inside environments that are colored the way you are considering coloring the inside of your home in order to see what effect the color really has on you once you are completely surrounded by it.

Generally speaking, you will want to go for a color that promotes joy and happiness while avoiding making it too loud or flashy. Colors that are too bright can put you in a state of constant unrest and make focusing on any task impossible. Similarly, colors that are too dim might end up having the opposite effect from the one you wanted as they might make you more mellow. The difficulty when choosing the right color for your walls and ceiling makes many home owners simply stick to the standard and time-proven white. While it’s hard to go wrong when leaving your surfaces white, this can often lead to your home appearing lifeless and dull, as the proper coloring of the walls will radiate joy at all times.

coloring the wallsIf you decided to color the walls and ceiling in your home in a specific color, you will also need to be ready to synchronize furniture and objects inside the home with the specific color. This doesn’t always need to involve the exact same hue, but the furniture should be somewhat in line with the color of its surrounding. An example of this would be a soothing shade of red on the walls and orange furniture, or one whose upholstery is orange. Blue and purple also make a nice mixture when used carefully, as do different shades of green. Be careful with gray and black, however, as they can easily have a negative impact on your overall mood without you even realizing it.

While most rooms inside your home will tend to match the coloring you have chosen, there will be some exceptions. Bathrooms should usually maintain their white ceiling, but you can change the color of the tiles in accordance with the rest of the home if you don’t find it too much effort and too big of an additional expense. A baby’s room will also tend to differ from the rest of the home as this environment is styled specifically for the baby.

home decorAs such, it won’t always be ideal to color it in the same way as the rest of your home as the baby might not respond to the color so well. Here is where many parents have to make design sacrifices when considering the overall appearance of their home’s interior in order to give their child exactly what it wants. For babies’ rooms, smooth shades of blue or pink are often chosen provided they aren’t overly loud, and you can even opt to keep most of the room white. The coloring in babies’ rooms will mostly come from the walls and ceiling as it might be difficult to find baby-centric furniture in matching color, but you can still make a stylistic effort by adding blankets and similar accessories of a specific color.

The choice of coloring inside your home should be made responsibly and with your long-time well-being in mind. Many home owners rushed towards a paint job because they liked a certain color only to find out that it doesn’t make the best choice of surrounding. Try to avoid making the same mistake by first evaluating how you feel in an environment colored in a way you think you’d enjoy in your own home, as suggested above.

Improving Your Everyday Mood Through Home Decor

home decorationThe inside of our home tends to have a direct impact on our overall day-to-day mood. If our living environment isn’t tidy and preferably styled to our liking, we won’t enjoy spending time in it nearly as much and might even become stressed as we are forced to bear witness to our home’s suboptimal interior. Thus, home decor is a great way to improve our everyday mood by making some additions and changes to our place of leisure and relaxation. Home decor doesn’t need to involve a redesigning of the entire home, as just a single room remade following certain principles can bring many benefits to the home owner. This stands especially true for rooms like the living room where we spend most of our time in.

A living room is meant to help one relax from the stress of everyday life, but a poor design can have the exact opposite effect. Babies’ rooms are another example of a room that needs a lot of attention paid to its design. A baby’s room is often decorated in a very specific way in order to help babies maintain a good mood throughout the day, highlighting the importance of our surroundings when determining how we feel in general. Moreover, since parents tend to spend a lot of time inside their babies’ rooms, the design should also be done in a way that helps the parents feel more at ease when looking over or caring for their child.

decorating your homeNo matter if you are redecorating a baby’s room, a living room, your bedroom, or any other room in your house or apartment, even small steps can make a world of difference and mark a great shift in how people feel in it. A simple paint job where the dull and ordinary white on the walls and ceiling is replaced with a vibrant color can have a huge positive effect. When choosing a color for your interior, you should go with the hue that you are sure will positively stimulate you for a long time as opposed to something that just looks nice.

Furthermore, you’ll want to pick a soothing color that isn’t too loud for the inside of your baby’s room. The wrong choice of coloring can prove to be a constant source of agitation for a sensitive child. Certain hues of red that are too loud could make it much harder for your baby to fall asleep and potentially make it constantly uneasy. This is why many parents choose to stick to white when forming the surroundings of the baby’s room in order to stay on the safe side.

improving home decorThis isn’t necessary, however, as attentiveness in regards to the colors your child enjoys before it moves out of your bedroom and into its own room can help you pick the right visual tone. In order to do this, you might want to wait before completing the baby’s room until you can be sure what your child enjoys seeing and what agitates or perhaps frightens it. Aside from the coloring, including matching furniture, you can also pay attention to lighting and objects in the room. These factors will also have a large impact on how you feel inside the room. Too much or too little illumination in a room can negatively impact one’s mood without them even realizing it. Similarly, you can have objects inside a room whose sight frustrates you and not even realize it, even over a long period of time. You should carefully consider everything in sight inside your room and remove anything that gives you negative associations or alters your mood negatively, as well as giving some thought as to which additions might make a positive change.

Getting The Best Home Decor With A Limited Budget

home decorWhen one is about to embark on a journey of trying to make their home appear better, one of the primary concerns is often how much the endeavor will end up costing them. Many who wish to infuse their homes with new life through home decor often worry that their budget will be insufficient to include everything they’d like. While home decor can indeed sometimes be an expensive venture depending on the amount of rooms involved and the extent of the redecoration, the truth is that beautiful interiors can be achieved with a limited budget.

In the end, it all comes down to the creativity of the persons in charge of decorating the home. It’s important to know exactly what you would like to do and how you’d like it done so that you can know what sort of expenses you will be facing. Indeed, many start redecorating their home and find out that they are lacking resources to continue midway, putting them in an uncomfortable spot where they have an unfinished interior and no way of completing the decorating.

limited budget decorTo avoid finding yourself in such a position, try to imagine exactly what you’d like your home to look like once you are done. Don’t skip over any detail involved in the decorating process, from the different types of coloring, to furniture and other objects. Write everything down and then find out how much each item on the list will cost. Finding the best deals on each and every material and object you will be using for your home decor is another important step when making sure everything is within budget.

If the total cost of everything on your list exceeds your available resources, cross off features based on their importance until you reach a total price that is acceptable to you. When choosing what to keep and what to discard from your list, start with the basics and work your way up. Generally, the basic things that most home decor efforts involve are paint jobs and the addition of one or more carpets. From there on, depending on the availability of your resources, decide if you’d like to keep other less important things, such as additional furniture in matching color, objects, and so forth. While it’s recommended that you focus on the basics from your list when deciding a budget, don’t stop yourself from including whatever is most important to you instead of following general guidelines. For example, some might want to add a specific lamp to their home if its design really reaches out to them. If you have a similar preference and a limited budget, don’t be afraid to forgo something basic like a paint job in order to get exactly what you’d like for your home.

The scope of the decoration will also play an important role in how much money you end up spending. Furthermore, each room will have its own cost of redecoration, meaning that you might want to only decorate some rooms that are important to you. If you have a baby on the way or it already arrived, for example, you’ll definitely want to make decorating the baby’s room your priority, and only afterwards see if you have enough money to continue with other rooms.

living room decorThe choice of which rooms to decorate should be made based on their importance and how much time you spend in them. Aside from the aforementioned baby’s room, living rooms are also some of the most popular home decor rooms because that’s where families spend most of their time while home. Finally, the choice of whether you should hire a professional decorator or not should also reflect your financial capabilities – with enough creativity, regular folks can make some beautiful interiors.

How Decorated Room’s Bring Life To One’s Home

baby's room decorationWe often don’t realize how bland and lifeless our homes are until we make the addition of a baby’s room. Once this is done, the joyfulness of this room will often highlight how dull the rest of the home looks and will make many want to redecorate their entire home. If you are among the lucky people that have a baby on their way, or have perhaps welcomed a child into your life already, you definitely don’t want to spare expenses when making the baby’s room as it will be the most important one in your entire home. Your baby will also need the very best environment once it is ready to move into a room of its own.

room decorBecause of these factors, feel free to let loose when creating a baby’s room as it will bring new life to your entire home. Babies’ rooms are generally designed to place everyone in them in a good mood through the use of lively colors and happy motifs. Oftentimes, this involves a significant redesign of an entire room where the end result will end up looking nothing like what the room once was. This, more often than not, means that you will need to set aside a decent budget in order to outfit the baby’s room with everything needed. Between a comfortable and sturdy crib for your baby, appropriate furniture to meet any baby care needs you might have as well as possible paint jobs, the creation of a baby’s room can end up costing parents quite a bit. However, if there is one room in your house or apartment you don’t want to save money on, it’s most certainly the baby’s room. Babies need a feature-rich environment during their youngest years so that they can thrive and be properly stimulated.

decor for baby's roomIn fact, a big part of why the baby’s room will bring new life to your home is the lively theme babies’ rooms are generally done in, as mentioned above. When designing a baby’s room, parents tend to err on the side of making the room as exuberant as possible, primarily through the use of colors. Light blue or pink are among the colors that are most used. Once the walls and ceiling are colored in one of these radiant hues, spending time in the room suddenly becomes more pleasant for everyone, including your child. Of course, it’s not just the design itself that makes babies’ rooms such an important facet of home decor. Just the thought of having a baby’s room in your home where the offspring you love more than anything in the world spends its time fills many parents with a sense of peace and satisfaction. Knowing that you have provided a great living environment for your toddler and allowed it to develop in all the right ways will, without a doubt, put your mind at ease.

room decorWith all these points outlined, it’s easy to see how a baby’s room quickly turns a home around and gives it new life. What was once likely an uninspiring living environment will suddenly be given a new touch once you know that your baby will be needing its own room. Even if you end up choosing not to redecorate the entire home, you will probably find that the addition of a baby’s room was all your home needed in order to become more pleasant. This way, your baby will not only have blessed you and your significant other with its arrival, but also allowed you to remake your home into something nicer. The best way to express your gratitude for this is by making sure that the baby’s room ends up looking the very best it can.

Should Your Home Decor Be Feature-Rich Or Minimalistic

home decorationThe many options that we are presented with once we decide to make an effort to decorate our home can be intimidating to some and leave many perplexed in regards to what needs to be added and how much of it does. We don’t want to over saturate our home with motifs and themes, making them feel less spacey as a result, but at the same time we’d like to avoid doing too little to improve our home’s appearance and thus producing an end result that is almost as bland as the current state.

Anyone decorating their home should always strive to make just the right amount of changes to the living environment in order to achieve the most optimal and long-lasting results. Start off by considering what you need in your living environment as opposed to what you might like, and even lower in importance, what you might like the idea of. The things we need are generally comprised of furniture and objects that we will be using every day and that will be integral to the room. In a bedroom, the bed would be one such object, meaning you should pay close attention to the size, shape and style of your bed. In the living room, our needs are generally met with one or more armchairs and a comfortable couch, where we should once again pay close attention to their design.

house decorMoving on to what we want, the objects that we want can be almost as necessary but are not actually vital to the fulfillment of the room’s purpose. Bedrooms might be greatly improved with the addition of one or more cupboards and closets, including the appropriate lamps bedside. Many living rooms, on the other hand, tend to greatly benefit from the addition of a sufficiently large TV and a table around which the furniture will be placed.

Lastly, there are things whose idea we might like of but might not be so useful to us once they’re inside the room and might even prove to be detrimental. These are often purely stylistic objects of various sizes placed around the home in an attempt to improve its appearance, but might also include some object like soccer tables that many feel will be great to have inside a room but might find them clunky and lacking in usefulness once they are there. If you have made an addition and realize it’s over the top and not something you’d want to include in your home after all, don’t hesitate to remove it from your living environment to try and reach that perfect medium we mentioned.

baby's roomA room that tends to be of particular importance when choosing how many features to add is the baby’s room, which is the room that your toddler will move into when it is about a year old. If you are the parent of a young child, you will need to be very careful in your attempts to provide it with a great environment to thrive. In general, you will want to err on the side of having too many features in a baby’s room as opposed to too little, as it’s important that you have everything you need in order to care for the baby.

However, try to avoid over saturating the baby’s room with too many objects that might end up intimidating the baby. Having something that the baby can focus on is always good, but too many things might make it more difficult for the baby to fall asleep and might even frighten it. Much of successful home decor is finding the right balance, with many finding that the trick is to not go overboard. If you are having issues knowing which amount of decorations is the right one, consider hiring an interior designer who will help you achieve the best possible results.

How To Best Decorate Your Home So That It Reflects Your Personality

home decorationOur homes should mirror our personalities and the type of person we are. The interior of one’s home can usually say a lot about said person regardless of the effort that was placed into the decorating process. Therefore, your home decor should be done in a way that best reflects your inner and outer self so that it may act as an extension of you. If you feel at a loss when trying to figure out how to go about this, you can consider requesting the help of a professional specializing in home decor. This interior decorator will help you style the inside of your home in a way that goes in line with who you really are. While the services of interior decorators can be expensive, hiring one will guarantee that you get the best results possible as they will be experienced with translating the desires of people into beautiful homes.

house decorOf course, you might feel that you have a good idea of how your home should look without outside help. Indeed, we often only need to look inside and recognize our thoughts, feelings, and preferences in order to come up with interiors that will both dazzle with their beauty and stimulate us for a long time to come. Those with a more joyful personality will often prefer an interior with bright colors and a happy overall theme. There are many different types of interiors those with a constant good mood can choose from, and everyone will find something to their liking. Aside from the walls, ceiling, and the furniture being in a matching light color, you should also make efforts to allow as much sunlight as possible to enter the rooms in the house in which you are spending most of your time. This will considerably brighten the environment and will ensure that you stay positive no matter what.

house decorationIf, on the other hand, you aren’t always in the happiest mood or perhaps don’t feel like the interior described above would suit you as your living environment, you can opt for a somewhat darker design of your home. Many such people choose to have the walls remain white while adding dark-colored furniture. Minimalism also goes hand-in-hand with interiors such as these, and whereas in the first scenario you might want to fill your home with vibrant objects, here you might want to only feature that which is necessary for your everyday life. However, it’s worth noting that even those with a more sullen personality won’t always benefit from a dull or lifeless interior. In fact, a radiant and brightly colored home might significantly help improve the mood of an otherwise sulky individual. As we all tend to spend much of our time inside our homes, this will likely end up meaning a prolonged exposure to a livid environment which might end up making the person happier in general.

living room decorThere’s much to be said about the impact that our living environment has on our mood, which is why babies’ rooms serve as perfect examples of an effort to stimulate positive thoughts. You’ll be hard-pressed to find the interior of a baby’s room that isn’t bursting with lively colors and joyful objects, all meant to promote the happiness in the baby and make it feel at ease in its surroundings. Us adults are, in this aspect, no different from babies, and we should pay close attention to how our interior affects and stimulates us. Our homes are supposed to act as a sanctuary, and they can only fulfill this purpose if their inside is as soothing as it can be as we look to sit back and relax from everyday worries.